My Stonehenge

I painted this in high school.  I love Stonehenge and want to go there eventually, but I don’t know if I will make it there.  I decided that if I couldn’t go to Stonehenge, then I would bring Stonehenge to me.                                                                       IMG_2415


Movie Night

Movie nights are so fun.  I love them.  Yesterday the Young Single Adults had a dinner and a movie night.  We ate wings and watched Maleficent.  That movie is my favorite version of Sleeping Beauty.  The love of a mother is the truest love of all.  I had seen the movie before, but most of the people hadn’t.  When Maleficent kissed Aurora’s head and she awoke, there was a gasp from everyone.  I almost started laughing, except that the first time I watched it I did the same thing.

Adventures don’t have to be found on the other side of the world.  You can find them anywhere from painting at your house to bonfires.  I love finding adventures in whatever I do.